Hebrá Kadishá

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The Hebrá Kadishá is in charge of giving all the Jews of the community of Madrid the services of their traditional functions, with the same dedication, within the orthodox tradition of our kehilá, and always in accordance with the Halajá, under the direction of the Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Madrid.

The main aims and attributions of the Hebrá Kadishá are:

  • Visit the sick at the request of their families and establish the necessary stays.
  • Organize and direct the funeral services and funeral honors, within the orthodox tradition of the kehilá and with the advice of the Rabbi.
  • Take care of the cemetery.
  • Attend family ceremonies, when all are invited or a representation of their members: Bride’s Night, Brit Milá, Fadas (Nomination of the daughter), etc.
  • Participate in the traditional community celebrations of Hilulá, preparation of Jaroset, Kiddush for the sukkah in the days of Yom-tov.

The Community has two cemeteries: an own enclosure in the Civil Cemetery of La Almudena and a Jewish Cemetery in the municipality of Hoyo de Manzanares.

More information by phone: 91 591 31 31 / Email: hk@cjmadrid.org