General Information for Visitors

To visit the synagogue or attend religious services, visitors must register in advance and personally in our community.

It will be necessary to present the passport or identity document at the entrance of the community center.

Our office opening hours on weekdays are: Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 18:00 and Friday from 09:00 to 13:00. Holidays: Consult the schedule in secretary.

Tourism in and around Madrid

Visitors Center of the Jewish Community of Madrid

The permanent exhibition that is exhibited in the Visitors Center of the Jewish Community of Madrid invites the visitor to a journey through the contemporary history of the presence of Jewish life in Madrid, from its beginnings and until today, through photographs, images, visual and graphic elements, and ritual objects.

To visit the exhibition visitors must register in advance and personally in our community. It will be necessary to present the passport or identity document at the entrance of the community center.


Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust

The monument was inaugurated in 2007 as a result of the agreement signed in 2005 between the City Council and the Jewish Community of Madrid. It is located in the Juan Carlos I Park of Madrid, next to the Garden of the Three Cultures (symbol of the coexistence in Spain of the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim civilizations). The monument is the work of the Jewish sculptor of Sephardic origin Samuel Nahón, with the collaboration of the architect Alberto Stisin.
The central motif of the set is a vertical projection of the Star of David that sits on a platform covered with railway sleepers, as a symbolic reference to the “death trains” in which the victims were taken to the Nazi extermination camps. Complete the set the schematic figure of a father with his son in the arms, and a group of sleepers nailed on the ground in an upright position.

  • Address: Juan Carlos I Park, Av. De Logroño, 36


Jewry of Toledo

The city of Toledo is also called the city of the three cultures, referring to the prosperous period in which Christians, Arabs and Jews coexisted peacefully in the city. Toledo is located 70 km of Madrid and houses one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Spain. It is an essential visit during your stay in Madrid.

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Jewish quarter of Segovia

Built on a rock more than 1000 meters high, the city of Segovia has been declared a World Heritage Site, thanks to its impressive artistic and monumental wealth. The Jewish quarter of the city is also an important example of this. 90 km away of Madrid, Segovia is a city that you will always want to return to.

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Shops with Kosher products

  • Download the Kosher product guide here

Herzl Coffe & Market

  • Address: Paseo de Alcobendas 7, Madrid
  • Phone: 670 631 777
  • E-mail:


Carnicería Elías – Meats and food

  • Address: Viriato Street 35, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 446 7847


Carnicería Shalom – Meats and food

  • Address: Medellín Street 8, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 445 5296


Gourmet Kosher

  • Address: Añastro Street 9, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 383 1186
  • Web:


Super Cash

  • Address: Luna Street 1, Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid
  • Phone: 628 190 708 / 91 083 9631
  • Web:


Orio “Boutique del Pan”

  • Panadería Kosher
  • Address: Bravo Murillo Street 27, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 445 8744
  • Baguette & Pastry: Not Kosher.


El Corte Inglés (Castellana)

  • Shopping center with a supermarket that has a Kosher hall.
  • Address: Raimundo Fernández Villaverde Street 79, Madrid


Life Gourmet Catering

  • Phone: 91 431 4855
  • Web:

Kosher Restaurants

La Escudilla Restaurant

  • Address: Santísima Trinidad Street 16, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 445 7380
  • Web:


Pinati Kosher Madrid

  • Address: Albuquerque street 5, Madrid
  • Phone: 91 057 8452
  • E-mail:
  • Web:



  • Restaurant & Catering
  • Address: Cardenal Cisneros street 80, Madrid
  • Phone: 910 735 080
  • E-mail:
  • Web:


KDeluxe (Kosher Deluxe)

  • Catering
  • Phone: 607652083
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

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