School of Madrijim

The Madrijim School in Madrid is a program organized jointly by the Youth Department of the Jewish Community of Madrid and Maccabi Spain, which offers a comprehensive two-year training program for teenagers from 14 years of age.

The program is structured around three areas: pedagogical area, Jewish area and physical education area. The methodology is theoretical and practical and includes weekly classes, excursions and seminars. The professors who teach the classes are professionals in their respective subjects.

Once the course is finished, the participants are incorporated as madrijim in the different Jewish organizations of the community, fulfilling a vital task for the development of the same.

The madrijim – from the Hebrew guides or counselors – are young active and committed to the community and its future, with Israel and the Jewish People, who act voluntarily as monitors and leaders of the groups of children.

From the idea and planning of the activities to its realization and subsequent evaluation, the madrij is the figure that maintains direct contact with the janijim. The madrij is the one who transmits the contents of the activities and shares with them a leisure and personal growth space, valuable for some as well as for others.

The Department of Youth is aware that the work that the madrjim carry out is one of the main guarantees of community continuity. For this reason, it pays special attention to the formation and continuous supervision of these young people, motivating them, supporting them and facilitating what is necessary for a meaningful, enriching and fun activism.

The Department of Youth of the Jewish Community of Madrid proposes a space for young people over 18, university students and young professionals, where they can meet, shape their interests and launch different initiatives.

The department develops a wide range of activities and services:

  • Talks and seminars on Judaism, Israeli reality, anti-Semitism and current affairs.
  • Parties, outings and social events.
  • Artistic and musical events.
  • Shabbat dinners.
  • Travel and meetings with young people from Europe, Israel and other countries.

Jewish exchange students or young Jews who are temporarily in Madrid, are invited to participate in these activities and also benefit from the services offered by the Department. For this, it is necessary to previously contact the Youth Department, where they will receive the necessary information.

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