Access protocol to the facilities and religious services


  • People with symptoms associated with COVID-19 or who are diagnosed as positive COVID-19 will NOT be allowed to attend our center.
  • People who have been treated for COVID-19 and do not have a medical discharge along with a negative COVID-19 test will NOT be allowed to attend.
For religious services and administrative matters at our offices:
  • For religious services and administrative matters at our offices:
  • Request via email their attendance and wait for confirmation.
Rules while inside our premises
  • Use of Facemask is mandatory during the entire time inside the premises
  • Disinfection of the hands with hydroalcoholic gel available at the entrance.
  • Keep 2 meters of social distance from others.
  • If attending religious services must bring their own Facemask, Kippa, Tallit, Tefillin and Prayer Book.
Tourists and Residents from Abroad
  • Must send a request via email:
  • Wait for further instruction and confirmation via email.
People who do not comply with the provisions above will not be able to enter or remain in our facilities.
The institution’s law enforcement service will support the control of these measures.

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