Shoah Project

The Shoah Project is an educational project led by the Jewish Community of Madrid that addresses three aspects: teacher training of the Community of Madrid for teaching in the Shoah support and accompaniment for the transmission of the contents in the classroom and the celebration of memory acts.

The importance of remembering the Shoah grows year after year in Spain. It is evident in values ??such as the state’s commitment to commemorate January 27 as a Holocaust Remembrance Day or the inclusion of the teaching of the Jewish Holocaust as a historical fact within the National Education Law. On the other hand, the objective fact that each time, by law of life, we have fewer survivors, a living testimony of history is a call for us to become aware of the need to dedicate efforts and resources to keep the history of the Shoah alive and the memory of the victims.

However, remembering alone is not enough. It is necessary to know the history, to understand how something like this was humanly possible. Learn the lessons. The Shoah Project proposes linking memory with knowledge; memory with education.

Reflect, learn and develop educational and pedagogical ways so that the new generations can appropriate the lessons that the Holocaust has unfailingly left us and address the prevention and warning against anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination present and current in our current society.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, the Shoah Project is an initiative of the Jewish Community of Madrid, in close collaboration with the Sefarad-Israel Center and with the valuable support of Yad Vashem, the Violeta Friedman Foundation and the Movement Against Intolerance, as well as the collaboration of front-line speakers who give their time echoing the importance of this educational project.