The State of Israel represents the consecration of the longing for thousands of years in which every generation of Jews in the Diaspora prayed for the return to Zion.

Israel is a central element in the identity of the Jewish People and what happens there affects our individual and collective reality.

In order to be aware of the Israeli reality, understand its nuances, know the history of the State of Israel and visualize its perspectives, the Jewish Community of Madrid organizes programs and training courses, colloquiums, talks and conferences, and meetings with Israeli personalities and representatives of different organizations.

Through this portal and thanks to greater coordination with different related organizations, the Jewish Community of Madrid will seek to increase the disclosure of the necessary content to encourage the approach of various groups to the reality of Israel.

Our community is respectful of the differences that make each people of the world unique and wishes that our brothers in the State of Israel will soon live in peace and security with their neighbors.

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