Zionism and the fight against anti-Semitism

The Jewish People has promoted, from its origins, the freedom of the individual and the fight against social injustice through a universal message. For this reason, for centuries it has been the subject of criticism and on too many occasions of persecution.

The famous Soviet dissident, Natan Scharansky has a theory about European anti-Semitism that he defines according to a series of colors.

Yellow is the anti-Semitism of Christian origin that had its peak in the Middle Ages and whose remains are still alive in part of the unconscious of European society.

The Brown is the fascist and Nazi anti-Semitism that, although having lost the destructive force of the 40s, is still alive in a marginal sector of the European extreme right.

The Green is the anti-Semitism of Islamic court that exists in an important part of the Muslim world and that has entered Europe through immigration.

Finally, there is the Red anti-Semitism that was born of Soviet Stalinism and that today is hidden behind the progressive militant anti-Zionism that, of all the peoples, denies only to the Jew the legitimacy of a national home.

The Jewish Community of Madrid, as representative organ of the Madrid Jews, fights anti-Semitism in all its extensions and, according to the definition of the European Agency of Fundamental Rights, through all the instruments that the rule of law has.

Since 2004, Spain commemorates every 27th of January the Official Day of the Memory of the Holocaust and the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity, in memory of the victims of the Shoah and as a testimony of a better world, of tolerance and coexistence that we want to conform.

Thanks to the commemoration of this date, Spanish society today has a greater knowledge of the true magnitude of the Holocaust and new generations can be educated in the values ??of tolerance and respect for differences.
In a permanent demand to keep these values ??in force, the Jewish Community of Madrid organizes and supports activities, programs and actions, own and related organizations, which fight against anti-Semitism and intolerance, and promote coexistence among people.

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